"Working with Kate was such a valuable investment in my career and long term happiness personally and professionally. Kate has empowered me to make some firm decisions about my own priorities and helped me to learn how to communicate my needs more assertively and strategically. Kate has given me more confidence to set my own priorities and to stand up for what I deserve.

I feel extremely fortunate to have been given the gift of working with Kate. She is a skillful listener equipped with important tools needed to draw out key messages and struggles that need attention. She holds her clients accountable and encourages in a firm yet nurturing way. My experience with Kate has helped me to realize a greater sense of what I deserve and a vocabulary to express these needs."
— DW, Associate Director

Effective leadership requires
balance, insight and vision.

The leader is the key to success.  I coach leaders who are
pursuing change, through their work and in their lives. 

Whether the challenge is:

I support the whole leader in achieving their goals.