"This coaching experience was a first for me. I found you deeply engaged, clear and helpful in illuminating possibilities through sticky and complex situations. Your ability to help me reflect on the real issues and identify a positive path was very helpful in my being able to articulate and help move our organization forward. Thank you!!!!"
— Megan Parker, ED, Working Dogs for Wildlife
Kate Janeway

I came to coaching as a natural outgrowth of decades of consulting work with Boards and key leaders of mission-driven organizations, public and private foundations and family businesses.

In leading these organizations through transitions that impact growth and test leadership, the central challenge is always that of sustaining positive change. Invariably, the vision, commitment and resiliency of the individuals who make up the leadership team are key to accomplishing and sustaining effective change. This is where I focus my work.

I am a certified Hudson Institute Coach (CHIC). I hold a BA in American Studies and Humanities from Stanford University, a JD from Georgetown Law Center, and an MPA in Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management from the University of Washington.